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koo Koo TV ,Durga Ram

I am extremely impressed with the services provided by VOM From the moment I reached out to them, they were professional, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to meet my needs.

Digital Apple ,Mohit Thukral

The end result was a product that perfectly met my requirements and was of the highest standard

T-Series , Shiv Chanana

The end result was a product that perfectly met my requirements for our dubbing channel and was of the highest standard .

Jamesify Youtuber

The importance of dubbing the essence and emotions of the original content, while ensuring seamless synchronization with the visuals. The attention to the emotion and modulation in their work was truly remarkable.

Immaculate Films

Fast delivery and talented and exception options for the voice talents .


Voice Over Mehak

A voice-over Market Place Adding Soul to the words

Here we assist you with your requirements and guide you to finding relevant voice talent.We present you with pre-verified, short-listed premium voices, You can search for experienced dubbing talents, audiobooks recording, and IVR recordings with crystal clear and warm audio.

Elevate Your Content with Professional Voice-Overs.

Captivate Audiences with the Magic of Voice-Overs - Embark on a Journey to Discover Extraordinary Voice Talents in Our Dynamic Marketplace!

Unleash Creativity Through Captivating Voice-Overs.

Experience the Expertise of Seasoned Voice Actors who Infuse Life into Your Vision.

Your Voice, Your Story, Perfected by Experts.

Embrace a New Chapter of Creativity Today and Let Your Message Resonate!

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Do we charge extra for Broadcast usage?
We don’t charge extra for broadcast usage; we offer the final price, including voice-over recording, studio charges and editing.
What is wild narration?
Wild narration is a straightforward read from the script by the voice talent where there is no restriction on the voice talent to follow the time target in the video/audio script.
What is a time sync voiceover?
Time sync voiceover is a type of voiceover used in film and video production that is synchronised with on-screen action or visuals, typically to provide context or explanation for what is happening on screen. The voice-over is timed to match the timing of the visuals or activity so that the narration is delivered at the appropriate moment and in sync with the pace of the on-screen action. Time sync voiceover is commonly used in various contexts, such as documentaries, instructional videos, and product demos. It can clarify complex or technical concepts, provide historical or cultural context, or guide the viewer through the visual content. An excellent example of time sync voiceover is in nature documentaries. The narration is synchronised with footage of animals in their natural habitats, describing their behaviours, interactions, and life cycles. In this way, the voiceover adds to the visual experience and enhances the viewer's understanding of what they see on screen.
How do we work?
Our way of working is straightforward, so we select the talent’s profile and recommend which artist can be better for your project per the genre. We work in two different ways, Direct hire and pool audition.
Direct Hire?
You can directly hire talent from our voice-over pool. Upload your script to request an audition to hire talent, You can select the option if you want to speak to the artist by choosing the option “conference required” If our artist is available for the conference call, then we will surely get you connected.
Thru Audition
You can post your script for an audition to shortlist a voice talent for your project. And we’ll help you to choose the most suitable voice for the project.
How do we accept payment, and what are the terms and conditions?
Your payment is protected with us, and we keep your payment deposited. Once you are satisfied with the voice-over delivery, we release the fund to our voice talents.