Tips to Learn Mimicry Of Bollywood Actors

Learning Mimicry is very easy  task to do, though ,we need plenty of concentration and observation to actually catch the right voice tone,style,gesture,expressions ,body language of a person to whom you want to mimic.

Following are the tips which are must to learn for every Learner.


Identify your tone /pitch – Low Pitch

Let’s try to figure out what kind of voice you have ,This can be accomplished by recording
your voice on any recording device .
You have to observe, whether you have high pitch or low pitch ?
if you have low base then your voice tone  is quite close to
Mr Amitabh Bachchan,Amrish Puri,Arjun Rampal,Abhishek Bachchan ,Om Puri,Pran,Naseerudin Shah


If you have Medium Base

If you have medium base tone then your voice gestures can be raised towards both  low base and mid base tone , Actors like Nana Patekar, Ranbir kapoor,farhan akhtar,Ajay Devgan ,Sharukh Khan,Saif ali khan,Govinda,Akshay Kumar,Hrithik Roshan and Dilip kumar comes in Mid base category.


One at a Time

Always choose to mimic one artist at a time ,even if it takes a year to achieve the similarity .Once you get close to the celebrity’s voice try to practice to mimic his/her voice with any dialogues .Initially start with short famous dialogues of the Actor ,it would be beneficial for you ,if do it in  early morning before sunrise.



Simple & Sweet

Try to choose the actor who is close to your voice tone as stated in the above tip no 1,It helps in understanding – It is how simple  to do ‘Mimicry’ and it also motivates you to start impersonating other actors as well.

You can try Sunny Deol ,Dharmendra,Dev Anand


Game of Observation

Select a 2 minutes  scene or a dialogue from the movie and keep listening to it numerous time ,It tells your brain to keep the traces on,so that you can come back with the new voice – of course with lots of practice.

Never perform in public until your friends/close ones do not approve it.

You can also watch the video in Hindi here

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