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How to win voice over audition in India

In India, recording or becoming a voiceover artist is not always considered a regular job because it carries a non-conventional approach; however, due to the rising demand for digital content, it is booming like never before, thanks to 3G & 4G technology.

In the present world, youth is quite fascinated and excited to take a voiceover career as a mainstream profile.


Every day people are searching queries on Google like


How to get into the voiceover industry?

How much money can one earn through voiceover recordings?

What is the starting salary one can pay for the monthly job?

What is the future of the excellent voiceover industry? Etc.

One day, a guy called me up and said his voice was good, and he was pretty interested in  recording Hindi voiceovers and  asked me-

how could he get the online voiceover projects directly from the voiceover agency?

Here is the answer to his question that tells you about how voiceover companies hire a voiceover talent

Following are the steps covered before the client makes a final deal.

Step 1 – The client enquires about a voiceover project and provides their requirements like  what kind of project he has, any voice he is looking for  in terms of pitch, genre etc

Step 2 – The client gets the different voiceover samples from various voiceover agencies and chooses the right talent as per their choice

Step 3 – The client asks for the price after choosing the voice from the voiceover agencies’ voiceover samples.

And that’s how it works.


“Everyone should know that sending demos to voiceover agencies and calling voice agents does not give you an instant voiceover assignment”.

Patience is the key to getting your first voiceover assignment. Wait for your turn; till then, keep sharpening your voiceover skills to the next level.

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