Voice Over and Mimicry – Two forms of Art

small voice over

What is the difference between Voice Over and Mimicry ?

Both voice over and mimicry are  sound similar but there’s a difference between these two forms of art.Voice over is all about modulation,pronunciation, enunciation,feelings,timing.On the other side, Mimicry is all about behaving exactly similar, like a person whom you are closely observing.If the person to whom you are copying is enunciating incorrectly then you have to follow him the way he/she is speaking , even if, it is incorrect.While recording voice overs you have to take care of the right pronunciation with all feelings required for the script.

Mimicry is quite popular in any part of the world where ever you go ,you will find people imitating Donald Trump,barack Obama,Heath Ledger,Jhonny Depp etc in USA,Canada,South Africa,Europe.In India people are trying to mimic Narendra Modi,Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bacchan,Irrfan khan,Aamir khan etc

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