How to earn and practice voice overs ?



What is your per day target for earning money through voice over assignments ?

That ‘s the  question every new  voice talent wants to know or an experienced voice over talent wants to achieve ,

As a per day target  from a voice over assignments one must have Specific Number and should know how to quote best price that lets you win an assignment

Before that you should ask yourself , how much money you wanted to earn everyday ? its $50 per day or $100 per day or may be $1000 per day , it does’nt matter how it comes to you but what matters is regular practice ,vocal exercises and a positive attitude towards the goal, that you should always carry with you.

If you have a strong passion to accomplish the task  then you can reach to your target  by sharpening and improving your skills day by day , but if you think someone will call you for an audition then you’ll submit your voice samples only then you will get the regular assignment , this won’t work out in a long run,

So it is always advisable to all upcoming voice talents just keep spending time to improve your voice using some vocal exercises on regular basis; Every talent has gifted with a voice and should know how to make his/her voice perfect ,its in your hand ,you just have to grab it.


Every voice over has its own importance , Following are the key daily  challenges are faced  by any voice over artist 

  • Dubbing artist tends to earn with their Right timings and Perfect modulation

  • Narrators must know how to manage the Pace of the Voice Overs.

  • Mimicry artist takes the challenge of Maintaining  Accuracy 

Should I take 100% advance payment  ?

voice over tips

voice over tips

Earlier in India ,there was a trend of accepting an upfront payment by the voice talents ,voice artist used to take some percentage of the total cost of the assignment as an upfront payment and balance amount ,after delivery of the audio  files. But now time has changed.

Now, we call it 100% advance payment ,Yes ! It saves lots of time and let us focus on accepting new voice over assignments.In the past ;we used to put our all attention in collecting balance payments from the clients ,the problem is not all voice artistes take the advance fees/payment from their clients that makes payment structure of our market inconsistent.

If all voice talents work on the basis of full upfront payment criteria then this market will become uniform in terms of payment provisions.


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