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If you’re thinking about making a career as a freelance voice artist then you should ask  this question to  yourself , Do you want to have a home recording studio or  want to visit in a professional one ? voice talents working in the USA and Canada reveal that a surprising amount of people used to record voice overs  from their home only . But why should  voice talents get a  home record set ups? That’s because of the benefits they are getting almost everyday. It saves their time , enhances confidence and no fear of multiple revisions , they can do fair amount of practice as well.


There’s no Commute

Why would you work from home if you aren’t literally working from home? One of the key benefits is that you don’t have to commute anywhere. At the very least you’ll not be leaving your house. Maybe you’ll have to take a few steps into another room but that’s it.



A home studio gives you complete flexibility over when you work. If something comes up with the family then you’re free to stop working. If you fall ill then, again, you’re free to stop working. With a studio you are confined to the hours that they are open and if you have to leave the studio early you’ve wasted money on hiring it out.



Voice over training and work can be somewhat embarrassing, particularly for people that make a lot of gestures while they talk. These habits carry over to voice acting. You can make all the funny faces and gestures you want from the privacy of a home studio without having to worry about someone walking past and looking in.


It’s Always Open

You’re out of luck if the weather gets too bad for travel or the studio you work in closes for some reason. A home studio is always open. You’re always ready to go no matter the weather. A home studio really does allow you to work whenever and wherever you want.


You’re the Boss

A major factor is, of course, being your own boss. One of the main reasons people get into working for themselves and working at home is to be their own boss after all. They do it because they want more control over their working and personal life. Working with a studio means that you’re working when they say you can and you have to dress and act how they say. There’s no dress code in a home studio, you can bring your pets in if you want, and you can have all the food and drinks you want in there. You’re the boss of a home studio and you are beholden to no one.


These are only some of the reasons that people choose to put together their own home studios. It can be a lot of work to invest in one and put it all together, but the benefits of working from home more than make up for that. Truly be your own boss as a voice over artist in Delhi with a home studio set up.

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