How Do I get deeper baritone voice

One question  that  comes up again ang again is how does one improve one’s voice,now the word “Improve” what does that mean ,usually when people say how do i improve my voice ? they want to sound more like an announcer with lots of resonance in  or depth in voice is a very good aspirational thing to get,

Basically resonant deep voice gives assured authority, gives you the sound of someone that you want to listen to, it makes it easier to listen to as well  so  resonance is a good thing for men and for  women by the way and people who have may be thin voice want to know how  to make a little bit deeper ,

well !  we will give you some general tips ,but you really need to work hard on it by observing experienced voice talents specially dry voice over samples not the mixed one ie without back ground music.

# Tips  to get Baritone Voice 

Usually larger the body the larger the sound the more depth you get  more resonance you get,  if you noticed when you wake up in the morning your voice is always deeper; for some reason it is because, you are relaxed.




Get Relaxed

Take a deep breath IN and Out for 10 Minutes, Dont put over stressed on your vocal chords , go easy and try to speak out with your cavity above your stomach ,thats the source or root that gives you resonance or baritone texture . we are trying to add some strength on the muscles.


Start with HoneyBee sound ie  zeeee,zoooo,zeee zoo, zoo ,zeeee,zooo..

Its a daily vocal excercise you should practice dedicatedly , you may start enchanting  “AUM” when you enchant “AUM” it directly comes out from your Diaphragm. You will notice your stomach goes in and out when you breath in and out while enchanting “AUM “.

 – Try to find out the lowest note while humming..that makes your muscles intact or increases your voice over recording stamina, you will observe vibration on your chest.It also increases your vocal range. After few weeks you will surely notice a difference ie strong resonance ,or vibration in the voice.

You should not do it forcefully because  some times we delibrately try to stretch our vocal range from high note to low note thats not the good practice as it may harm your vocal chords. You must avoid it , it should be done spontaneously.

You can speak as much you like but you should not over enunciate it , just reead  slowly and record regularly .

All the Best !

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